Enchanted Conversation, The Mermaid Issue

What tales our writers have told in this edition of Enchanted Conversation! Mermaids are the theme, with Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid," is, not surprisingly, the prime focus for the poems and stories that make up this issue.

We've got many a sad tale in this edition, but don't let that stop you! After all, Andersen himself never found love, but only rejection. He, like "The Little Mermaid," traveled toward "higher" society, but was never truly accepted. Andersen always said that he most identified with "The Little Mermaid" -- that she was the character he created who was most like him. The son of a shoemaker, Andersen often used painful steps as a metaphor for all forms of suffering.

Andersen's story, in the original, is viewed by many modern parents as ghoulish, but in his time, the mid-1900s, children certainly knew they might die early deaths, and often saw death and suffering in their families. As students have often written in my fairy tale classes, maybe Andersen "tortured" his heroines (my term) and gave them a chance at heaven to show that after suffering, something good may happen.

Enough about Andersen. The writings in this edition are plenty strong enough to pull our attention away from his sad little heroine. This issue offers plenty of complex, enchanting characters of its own. Just click on the titles below to read each work!

Note on layout: We've had crashes and crashes of crashes for this edition. You may notice layout flaws that we have missed. In many cases, Blogger would not allow us to preview posts. We ask your indulgence, as we will be checking out all the posts in the next few days. If you would like to call anything to our attention, please do so by emailing us directly at EnchantedConversation[at]gmail.com.
Also, submission guidelines will be changed in the near future. If you plan to submit for future editions, please watch for these changes.
Update: The contest information has been posted. See the post below!

Enter The Enchanted Conversation ...

Bonus Story: The Sideshow, By Ariel Woodruff

Bonus Story: The Mermaid and the Stag, By Katie Lovett

NEW ON LIST, DON'T MISS: The Fisherman's Tale, By Breanna Teintze

The Sea Witch, By Nikki Hall

Eyes as Blue as Cornflowers, By Deborah Walker

Lamentation for a Little Mermaid, By Jude Tulli

Ophelia's Remembrance, By Tahlia Merrill

To Dance on Swords, By Ashley Vemuri

The Little Mermaid's Secret Song, By Wynne Huddleston

Home to the Sea, By Ree Young

The Little Mermaid: A Lesson for Women, By Natalie Wendt

The Young Bride's Dream, By Laura Garrison

His Soul Inspiration, By Dorlana Vann

Before the Dawn, the Stars Would Sing, By John C. Mannone

Torn, By Gerri Leen

The Blackpool Mermaid, By Claire Massey

Seashell, By Jacqueline West

The Sea Witch's Daughter, By Ben Langhinrichs

Oceane, By Janet Bucklew

The Lost Mermaid, By Eva Eliav

Foam on the Sea, By K. Curran Mayer

Knives Then Foam, By Cathy McGuire

After, By Juleigh Howard-Hobson

The Not-So-Little Mermaid, By Valerie Koines Anderson

The Sea Calls To Them All, By Alexandra Seidel

The Sea Witch's Tale, By Elizabeth Creith

Sisterhood, By Amanda Marlowe

The Sisters of the Sea, By Paul McCloskey

The Little Mermaid, By Stella Jones

The Mermaid's Eldest Sister, By Keyan Bowes

Jodi Le Bigre, the artist who made the wonderful image at the top of this page, was born in Toronto, but these days lives in Paris, where she makes paintings and prints, among other things. She blogs at http://yewtreenights.blogspot.com/


amcatoir said...

Looks like y'all got a great line up. I can't wait to start reading.


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